Green Bay has been, and still is, known as Titletown USA.  That moniker was awarded to this football city in a 1960’s Sport’s Illustrated issue, during the reign of the immortal coach Vince Lombardi. Naturally, with the Packers owning 13 NFL championships over their 100 years of existence, a great sports venue like Lambeau Field and a town of 100,000 die hard football fans, football lovers from all over this world make the pilgrimage  to soak up this town steeped in NFL lore.

Yet, wrap your mind around this. Almost three-hundred years before the Packers assembled, French explorers visited the area and fur traders made a living in this neck of the woods. Since then, this area has served as a sight of the Jesuit Missions, a military post for the War of 1812, a logging camp and so much more. So yeah, this small, no frills Midwestern city has some roots.

With that being said, I thought I’d write a blog entry, going to my lengthy list of Green Bay area attractions, and feature some of my favorite places. Some have to do with the Packers, others really don’t. I’m very proud that some don’t, because Green Bay is more than football. The community is a proud, family oriented, blue collar and down to earth collection of good natured souls.

Titletown District, Lambeau Field and the Walk of Legends


The Stadium District and the Walk of Legends

Ok, even if I’ve mentioned that Green Bay is more than football, here are some blogs in and around Lambeau Field.  After all, Green Bay is known for its grid iron legends. I’ll start with the Stadium District, which is lively and fun during Packers home games. Along with that, are some other cool places to check out in the following blog entry. 


The Packer Hall of Fame

Of course, in the stadium’s atrium lies a tribute to the Packers’ past, known as the Packer Hall of Fame. I wrote the following link to let you know what to expect. 

Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field, the venue that hosts Packers home games, is not just any football stadium.  It is a tourist destination all on its own.  The following link recounts our guided tour through places, in this historic arena, that the average fan would not normally be allowed to visit.  

Legendary Lambeau

The Bars Around Lambeau Field


There are plenty of places to grab a beer around Lambeau Field. Stadium View’s remodel is absolutely hip and cool, the Bar and Anduzzi’s are also great alternatives although I chose to highlight the microbreweries within walking distance. Badger State and Hinterland Brewing are featured in the following link.

Great places to Eat in the City’s Center



Titletown Brewing Company

Of course, there’s plenty to do downtown and in the Broadway district. One great spot, over looking the fox river with great historical appeal, is the Titletown Brewing Company. Click this link to learn more about this award winning brewery.

Al’s Hamburgers

If you’re on Washington Street and want to go for a hamburger in an authentic shake shop, Al’s Hamburgers is definitely for you. Click this link to learn more

The Vintage Cantina

Next to Al’s is a place known as the Vintage Cantina, serving artisan tacos. Although the Cup o’ Joy, a Christian music coffee house, is highlighted in the link, I think you’ll get an idea of what to expect.

 Rocking Out at the ‘Cup o’ Joy’ After a Few Tacos

Of course, these are only my favorite places to eat.  There are great Mexican restaurants like El Presidente, fine dining spots such as Chefusion and other fun spots such as Copper State Brewing within a short walk from each other.

The Green Bay Botanical Gardens


Of course, not all tourism in Green Bay is centered around beer, food and football.  Okay, a lot of it is, but there are other places in the city to check out.  If your looking for more refined and soothing types of entertainment, you could check out the Green Bay Botanical Gardens-which is packed with entertainment and sculptures that will start your spirit on an upward climb.  The gardens’ Christmas light display is by far the best in Northeast Wisconsin.  If you’re interested, check out these links.  The second link also includes other fun spots in and around the city of Green Bay.  

Surviving the Crowd at the ‘Garden of Lights’

Exploring the sights in Green Bay-letting loose

Great Museums


There are also historical places to check out.  You can learn a little about the area’s  past at the Neville Public Museum, check out some aged structures at Heritage hill, engage the automobile’s past at the Automobile Gallery or study the importance of the railroads at the National Railroad Museum,  These links will tell the tale of my delightful excursions in said attractions.

The Neville Public Museum 

Heritage Hill- a break from everything.Heritage Hill-a look inside

The National Railroad Museum: Tales of travelers past

Green Bay’s ‘The Automobile Gallery’-art with some machismo.

Fun for the Whole Family


Finally, if you’re looking for some great family fun in the summer, there are two musts on the list.  The Bay Beach amusement park can trace it’s roots to the 19th century.  With the price of most rides being a dollar or less, you might still believe you’re in that era.  That’s not to say the rides are archaic.  There’s a rollercoaster, Ferris Wheel and bumper cars, plus other great ways to get the adrenaline pumping.  While you’re in the area, gawk at some wildlife at the nearby Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary.  This link will tell you more.

 Bay Beach-Affordable family fun


There, you have my list of great places to visit while in Green Bay.  Of course there’s going to be something I left off or missed, but I think these can definitely make your stay in Titletown enjoyable.   So, no matter why you’re visiting, make it a memorable stay!

Safe Travels!




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