In the heart of Packerland, a blue collar town, known as Green Bay, resides on a sizable bay’s southern tip. Many also consider it the Mecca of American football, being home to historic Lambeau Field. In this town of gridiron legends, despite its blue collared nature, there are many stylish and trendy dining establishments. But visitors to Titletown may ask, “Are there fashionable sun splashed hangouts, allowing a one to dine alfresco?” Indeed there are! Below lies a list of my Titletown favs. Like always, my list is subjective. So enjoy the read, and hopefully I’ll inspire you to try a few spots. I think you’ll be glad you did.

#5 Louie’s Lagoon

My first choice may be questionable to many who read this. However, Louie’s Lagoon resides right on the bay and their menu entices repeat visits. The patio is small but stylish, in an informal laid back manner. With the breeze the bay incites, the squeal of gulls and the lapping of the water, the atmosphere really can’t be duplicated in town. There is also a small swimming pool for children to frolic on warm summer days.

The draw backs are few. Mainly, it sits in a Marina. So there is a narrow stretch of road, with an almost nonexistent shoulder, bordered by water a either side. You have to traverse this slightly harrowing stretch to reach the parking lot. Secondly, this isn’t a full service spot. Your orders have to be made at the counter, much like a fast food joint.

#4 Anduzzi’s East and West.

Anduzzi’s has been around for awhile. With a menu that is affordable, patios that are hip and a decent beer list, dining outdoors is a refreshing weekly grind escape. A midsummer Brewer, or early season Packer, gameday would be quite a treat at either location, with LED screens stretching over the perimeter of the sizeable bars.

The east side patio is simply an outdoor area, bordered by a small wall and surrounded by green, on the ground floor. At select times and dates, live music is performed at this locale. The west side has a tech heavy rooftop bar, which is just flat out cool.

The main drawback would be location. Don’t get me wrong, the surrounding areas are not horrible, especially when you consider that the west side resides in Ashwabenon’s Stadium District. Yet, the scenery is lacking when juxtaposed with the rest of the spots on my list.

##3 Fox Harbor

Fox harbor is set in what was once a 19th century hotel and their patio is fashioned with that in mind. There is also a small bar that serves patrons on this fashionable patio. With a view of the Fox River and its grassy banks, not only is the building’s mystique above the norm, the atmosphere livens the spirit. The area is large enough for outdoor music and stylish enough to have a great alfresco dining experience.

The menu is good, beer list substantial and service quite decent. The one drawback would be the first come, first serve mode on the patio. There is no hostess and no estimated wait time. So, basically, you have to wait to pounce on the next available table.

#2 Hagemeister Park

With a view of the Fox RIver and the bustle of the city deck, Hagemeister Park provides a lively experience. It’s located downtown, so within reach of many other establishments – should one choose to barhop. The menu is great, and they offer nine dollar, two topping pizzas on Thursday night.

The drawbacks would be their pricy menu. Plus it’s located Downtown, so you’ll have to find a public parking spot. Although parking downtown is free on nights and weekends, its just and added hassle and, most likely, a slightly more difficult trek.

#1 Stadium View Bar and Grill

I pick Stadium View number #1 because on gamedays it can’t be beat. It’s a stone’s throw from Lambeau Field. The Menu is great and competitively priced. Along with the patio, that many times is complemented with live music, there’s an indoor/outdoor portion that allows one to be sheltered from the sun but still take in the fresh air.

It also incorporates yard games. And did I mention there is a second floor that allows for a panoramic view of the Stadium district.

The beer list could be better, but besides that, this place is the perfect summer hangout.

And there you have may favorite outdoor dining hangouts in Green Bay. This isn’t coming from any commercial enterprise. Instead, I’m a Green Bay native that has dined at each of these establishments. So my opinion comes from experience and not coerced with dollar bills.

Safe Travels!


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