…And I’m Not Going Out For a While

I start this bit with much embarrassment, especially considering how I once signed off a series of posts by writing ‘stay safe’. And, as I must adhere to conventional wisdom, I’m not writing about any certain destination this week, simply because I can’t. It would be an injustice if I did. You see, this morning, I received a positive result from a COVID-19 test.

I’ll make this short and sweet. People, the virus is still out there; I found that out the hard way. Get vaccinated, social distance, wash your hands and, if required, wear a mask or follow building capacity guidelines. I lament my choice to not get vaccinated, especially when I look outside my office window and realize I’ve let a picture perfect week go by the wayside.

I feared vaccination. I was afraid of the side effects, but, guess what, I have real symptoms now, and I just may be an at risk individual. I do accept responsibility and I’m a bit ashamed of this particular choice. For now, I won’t be galavanting about the wonderful state of Wisconsin. Instead, I’ll be pent up in my house for the upcoming seven days. I do wish everyone well, and urge people, as I should have all along, to stay diligent. This virus must meet its end. Get your shot. Don’t ignore it. It’s not a conspiracy, but a global pandemic that must be overcome.

Safe Travels!

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