Today, it may not seem like it, but spring is just around the corner.  With it, new opportunities, promises of fresh adventures,  abound everywhere. In this post, being that yesterday’s weather didn’t allow for much travel, I’ll take a peek at the approaching  season.

One place I’m psyched to visit, which has been a perennial favorite, and that goes back for nearly a century, would be Heritage Hill State Park.  It includes original Victorian and pioneer structures, including buildings from an 1816  US Army fort.  This place opens on May 3rd.

Another place on my spring radar, and admittedly more seasonal, would be the Green Bay Botanical Gardens.  Although the gardens are open year round, I’m looking forward to witnessing the blooms triumph over Wisconsin cold.

Staying with gardens, but traversing a bit south, you’ll find the Paine Art Center , and its Gardens.  This spacious Oshkosh house exudes the likeness of a Tudor style manor, with rooms that represent different eras of English architecture and style.  Along with that, the gardens symbolize much of the same.

Another choice, as I get back into Green Bay, would be the Hazelwood House, which is open seasonally or by appointment. Originally built in 1837, this home was that of a local judge.  Preferring water travel, versus hiking the landscape, the inhabitant’s front door actually faces the Fox River, not the nearby city street.

And if you’re into critters, both local an exotic, the animals from the NEW Zoo will start to venture from their shelters. Even if the Zoo is open year round, your viewing opportunities are much better during late spring versus winter. And opening nearby, the Adventure Park offers zip lining and rock wall climbing, among other things, when the weather breaks..

That’s my list. There are spots I’ve left off, ones that do open in spring, that feel more like summer excursions. The Bay Beach amusement park, for instance, offers carnival ride fun at very economical prices. And like the NEW Zoo, the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary offers some stellar warm weather critter watching.

I’m by no means an authority on Green Bay, or northeastern Wisconsin, instead, I’m simply a proud, enthusiastic resident, sharing what this community has to offer. And I hope, those that do visit this area, if even for a day or two, appreciate it as much as I do.

Safe Travels!

I apologize that there are no pics, I simply couldn’t pull them from the archives.


  1. Thanks Diana, and sorry for the late reply. I think you will enjoy Green Bay, especially if you root for the Packers. Even if you don’t, this city has a bit of history.


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