I ended Friday’s post, my first personal log,  by informing you that the latter half of my  work free stint was a failure.

It wasn’t quite that bad.

While I had accomplished some bold fitness goals, and finally completed my second attempt at a YA novel, (no, I’m not a published author) there was a lot of idle time.  And I realized that structure is the key to my productivity.  When I think I can just relax around the house, that’s what I do, and nothing gets done.  When the day ends, I’m quite disappointed in myself.  All that free time simply went to waste.

On the other hand, getting back to the first half for a second, I am an effective consumer, well at least once in a while.  I had booked two nights at the Hyatt Centric, which resides in downtown Minneapolis.  Its central location, when taking sporting events, concert venues, bars and restaurants into consideration, was A+.  And it was only a sliver above one hundred dollars a night…that included parking.

The lobby and hotel bar, while not sporting a lot of craft brews, were pretty stellar, if not a bit pricey.

But back to my early week woes, I guess all in all, it wasn’t that bad.  I did get to talk to the family member I had mentioned in Friday’s post, the one that needed a ton of support.  They’re making tons of new friends, and that’s simply awesome.  The talks weren’t long, but it makes me hopeful for their future.

And not to confuse anyone, but, my last nine days saw one workday.  The last two days were my normal weekend.  So I saw a nine day stint, one where I could clear my head, sit back, relax, assess my life and really see what matters.  I don’t know why, but daily struggles and toils sometimes muddle something that seems so concrete.  I hope this healthy perspective remains, and I can be the best citizen, at least in my corner of a discombobulated world, I can possibly be.

Safe Travels!

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