I know, this post is slightly untimely;  we’re already entrenched in the current work week.   Even so, I think a little reflection on better days, if, indeed you didn’t work this past weekend, and your time was enjoyable, will uplift your spirits amongst midweek toils.

So, as far as my weekend is concerned, being that mine actually falls on Friday and Saturday, it was decent.  This will sound mundane as hell, but, on Friday, I deep cleaned portions of my house.  That included scrubbing my recycling bin.  It actually looks like a brand new trash can.

And that one act caused a ton of extra work.  The trash can was actually too clean, gleaming in the corner.  It revealed my dingy curtains. While sitting next to something that spotless, the dirt was pretty obvious.  To be honest, in five years, I had never washed them.   So, I tore them down, threw ’em in the washer and scrubbed my walls.

I know, crazy exciting stuff.

But hey, it made my house a little cleaner.  Of course, I had the routine cleaning chores to tend to.  Don’t worry, I bored you long enough with cleaning.

My other Friday endeavor was a series of lectures, ones via an app called Wondrium.  It’s pretty expensive, like $160 a year expensive.   However, the knowledge these college professors convey is quite astounding, at least to me.  Some of the programs, which basically consist of a cheesy musical intro, and then a one on one lecture, are just meant for my enjoyment.  I love history, and there are quite a few lectures on human history.

There’s also more practical shows, ones like the human biology series I’m watching.  It’s all about the motor functions of our bodies.  So far, as I’m just starting this one, there’s bits about nutrition and how it directly affects systems like our skeletal system.

Well, that about sums up my Friday. I don’t mean to confuse you, but this upcoming Thursday, I’ll write about last Saturday, I know, I threw too many different days in a paragraph. Yet, I promise, as I published a post about Saturday already, that day’s exploits will be a bit more riveting.

Safe Travels!


  1. I find it very satisfying to clean and to organize. So, I am not bored by your post. Rather, I feel like tackling some spot that’s just been waiting for me. Hope you have a good rest of the week!

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