I had mentioned, when I closed my last journal entry, that I would write about Saturday, So, now that I’ve made that promise, I shall fulfill that vow. It will be another personal blog entry, because I’m no expert at anything else. That being said, I know a bit about my life.

It started off with my morning routine, that included a few crosswords, hitting a brain training app, cooking breakfast and completing a run. When Heidi stopped by, which was around noon, I was ready for a little adventure.

I had decided, since I was dying to visit a brewery, one I’ve known about for years, that I would offer shopping as our second activity. Of course, Heidi was psyched about the latter task.

These two happenings, chronicled in my earlier travel posts, served as a way to let loose. For me, it’s always fun to experience someplace new. A different atmosphere is almost as refreshing, an I do stress almost, as inhaling fresh air. And since it was pretty cold out, seeing how Heidi isn’t fond of winter weather, an outdoor excursion wasn’t an option.

Our last stop of the day, after shopping with a malty brew flowing through my veins, was yet another store. This one was known as Five Below, and all the merchandise, you guessed it, was priced at five bucks or under. Well, most of the products were, there were some exceptions.

There were a few Quik Trip(a local convenience store chain) stops, where we picked up cheap a bite to eat, with sodas to match. Besides that, the day was pretty ordinary.

Oh, I did get to talk to a family member in a tough situation. I wished them the best and offered a little small talk.

And that’s pretty much my idea of a picture perfect day. I could do without family suffering, but knowing they’re cared for and conquering their ailments is encouraging.

Safe Travels!

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