So, I’ll begin by saying this, as I’ll set the foundation for the rest of this post; I’m a Walmart truck unloader. And this week, a little bipolar in nature, provided uneven workloads, that is compared from one day to the next.

It started off on Sunday, that’s my normal first day of the work week. Usually, our day consists of pulling freight from overstock bins, unloading the truck and bringing the freight to the floor.

Our first task, which usually takes anywhere from one to two hours, is pulling freight from the bins. Then, after that, we start unloading our general merchandise trailer. Finally, after the truck is unloaded, and our automated unloader is put to bed, we bring freight, which we pulled from the bins, and, of course, the merchandise that was unloaded, to the sales floor.

Anyways, back to Sunday. Normally we receive one truck a day. Occasionally, we will have two trucks, and other days there won’t be any. Sunday was a day that boasted two very full trucks. To top that off, my immediate supervisor, or, as we say, team lead, had the day off, and I was the most tenured team member in the backroom. So, as you may guess, a little more weight fell on my shoulders. Our manager, which, in Wamart lingo, is known as a coach, did most of the supervising, while I tackled tasks unfamiliar to me. Some I performed well, others…well, I do still have a bit of learning to do.

Later on, with a team lead showing up a few hours into the shift, and me relegated to sorting loose freight, which is emptied from boxes known as breakpacks, I finished the night absolutely mentally exhausted. My team barely had time to pull the freight, at least the freight that would be worked that night, to the sales floor. Tough start to the week.

The next day, being Monday, was totally opposite of that. We had no truck, but, since our team lead still had off, I was stuck with unfamiliar responsibilities once again.

Tuesday wasn’t so bad. I actually got to throw the truck. That simply means that I take boxes, ones inside our general merchandise trailer, and I put them on an automated line. The line scans the box’s barcode, similar to items that are scanned at the register, and then they are sorted into the appropriate lane. The lanes are next to carts, or, sometimes, pallets, that hold a certain department’s, or, in other cases, aisle’s goods. This makes it easier for my coworkers on the line.

Wednesday, as was the case with Sunday, turned out to be another two truck night. This time, we had a team lead, yet I didn’t leave any less tired. And according to my fitness app, my sleep patterns were a bit messed up.

Finally, Thursday, my final work week day, rolled around. And, believe it or not, it was smooth sailing. The only real hiccup, being that my head was in a bit of a funk, was waking up a bit late. I had worked until 11:30 pm, and then had to turn around, so to speak, and wake up for a 9:30 doctor’s appointment.

When I arrived at work at two, the funk hadn’t subsided, but the tasks were relatively easy. I started out pulling boxes from the lanes, and placing them on the appropriate pallets, and then, after our first break, I got to throw again.

The biggest downside to this week, if you’re looking at the big picture, at least as far as our store is concerned, is that there was little time to pull freight from bins. With two trucks to unload on Sunday, and the same for Wednesday, and so much freight in the backroom on Thursday, we weren’t able to pull freight from the steel racks. Although Monday, the day we didn’t have a merchandise trailer, was totally dedicated to that.

That sums up my work week. I hope that my explanations weren’t too murky, and, maybe, I filled you in on what I do for a living. I can say, with a little certainty, that next week will start out like this past one. According to a reliable source, there will be two trucks, which we will have to unload. I’m just thanking God that Nick, our team lead, will bear most of the burden. So, for now, I will enjoy the weekend, and tomorrow, I’ll write about some fun place I visited today.

Safe Travels!

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