I learned, recalling my grade school years, that there is a slogan attached to March: ‘In like a lion, out like a lamb.’  Now, I’m not really sure, but I’m guessing, as it seems pretty likely, that may have something to do with the month’s inconsistent weather patterns.  At least, being in Wisconsin, and after witnessing Saturday’s drastic change, it  kind of makes sense.

I had started a travel post by mentioning the stark differences, as in one day of weather compared to the next, but yesterday was a microcosm of that late winter, early spring phenomenon. 

As I woke, hoping to notch a few miles, adding to my monthly total, and closing in on my fifty mile monthly fitness goal, I longed for a moderately paced run.  My aspirations were crushed.  Outside my kitchen’s picture window, continuing from last night, large flakes of snow floated towards the earth.  It was just cold enough, and had been coming down long enough, that the ground, and the road, were blanketed in slushy white stuff.  That was around eight-thirty yesterday morning.

As the day transpired, the bleakness of the morning wore off.  That was because, as if it had never existed, the snow had fully subsided, leaving muddied earth and puddled roads.  That was around noon.

Suddenly, my outlook wasn’t so grim, and by three, with birds chirping, and the cloudy veil was pulled from the sun, I was striding, and dodging puddles, down neighborhood streets.

I know for a fact, at least according to my Echo Dot, that the temperature reached fifty degrees Fahrenheit that day.  Talking about a tale of two halves.  Now, as yesterday morning appeared mid-winter, there are but small chunks, remnants from a seasonal accumulation, of snow left on residential yards.  Who knows, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least, maybe there’s one last blizzard stirring in Mother Nature’s cupboards.  For now, as the equinox is here, I’ll enjoy the fact that spring has officially arrived!

Safe Travels!

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