Heck, I don’t know what I’m going to write, recalling rather blah days off, as I start today’s post. I guess I could fill you in on Friday. Yet, it really wasn’t that exciting. Come to think of it, my entire weekend was devoid of events. Yet, I’ll do the best to recollect a very mundane, if not grey, day.

I believe I actually woke up early. Despite that, as I suffered from poor sleep, and was subsequently in a funk, I didn’t accomplish much. I mean, I did scrub the kitchen floor, tackled furniture dusting, performed bathroom cleaning and did a little vacuuming, but it was done in bits and pieces.

I also went to a bar, which I had chronicled in Saturday’s post. There, I met an English teacher, who, while she ordered a water, was waiting on other faculty. I only uttered a few words to her, but it seemed basketball was the subject of the day, as she told me, quite proudly, that she allowed the kids to watch the NCAA men’s tournament in class.

I mention this, remembering that the woman was a striking lady, and I’ve totally ignored basketball for quite some time, because it was probably the highlight of my day. But alas, as intelligent and beautiful as she seemed, I have someone at home. Well, Heidi doesn’t actually live with me, but she’s definitely my significant other. And even if Heidi is the most beautiful woman on the planet, I think this lady was way out of my league.

After that, resuming my sporadic cleaning, I watched some Marvel movies, via Disney Plus, and slogged through the day.

When Heidi arrived, with my head still in a funk, I didn’t know what to do. And when we headed towards a restaurant, I turned the car around, and skipped the night out. We returned home, and instead of eating greasy burgers, I prepared some fettuccine Alfredo.

We finished the night, with the aid of my Wondrium app, learning of Vincent Van Gogh’s turn from missionary work to painting. The man’s life was literally a struggle from his teenage years on.

Capping off the night, we watched a bit of the Office. Heidi said her goodbyes, and I lumbered to bed, desperately hoping for a good night sleep.

As I look back on the day, and experiencing that hazy mindset, I’m tempted to think the day was lost. But, as I did listen to a few lectures while cleaning, my grasp on American history is becoming firmer, my house is definitely liveable and I think Heidi appreciates the fact that I cook for her. So, The day wasn’t totally wasted.

Safe Travels!

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