Saturday, as I’ll start this journal straightaway, was similar to Friday. So, if you read my post on Tuesday, you know that I was in a funk on my day off. The following day, another full day off, closing out the weekend, was really no different.

Actually, I accomplished less, as I sit here trying to recall the day. I did do some writing, basically cleaning up and putting the finishing touches, paying attention to those illustrative details, on my YA novel.

Besides a little sports watching, and a missed connection with Heidi’s daughter, there wasn’t much to it. I was supposed to meet Kaitlyn, Heidi’s oldest child, at their old house. Kaitlyn was taking what she wanted to keep, and I would provide the heavy lifting. That didn’t happen.

First off, I didn’t have Kate’s number, and she didn’t call me. So, I had assumed I was to meet her at two. I showed up, waited fifteen minutes and left. Anyways, I think she got it done herself. In the end, it turned out nobody was any worse off. He’ll, if I’m to guess, maybe she didn’t want her mom’s boyfriend’s help. I can understand that.

Besides that, the day was very dull. I know, I’m a very boring guy. And I’m fine with that. The less stress and drama, the better.

Safe Travels!

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