This past work week was pretty standard, a stark contrast with the previous stretch, which was quite labor filled.  So, this post, much like yesterday’s,  will be pretty short and sweet.

First of all, it didn’t begin as badly as I had predicted, actually, quite the opposite.  When I arrived on Sunday, I discovered that there wasn’t a truck to unload.  So, guess what, it was an easy day.

The next couple of days, being Monday and Tuesday, were just as simple.  The truck unloading provided moderate labor, so I ended the day feeling productive, but not stressed. It was the usual unloading procedures, not a lot of indepth thinking. Plus, there’s the physical labor element: the perfect recipe for dissipating stress.

Wednesday, nearing the week’s tail end, turned out to be the most difficult. Our immediate supervisor, or team lead, had taken the day off. And really, that wasn’t what made it tough, the guy filling in did a decent job. What caused my stress meter to peg, as it does every Wednesday, is the fact that I was stuck in breakpacks, which means I sort a ton of loose freight. Normally, another guy does that job, but Wednesday is my day. It’s literally the toughest task I do.

Finally, Thursday rolled around, and I’m writing this the same night, watching the clock hands inch towards twelve. And I can honestly say, as I pulled boxes from the truck, subsequently setting them on our automated line, that I feel like I finished off the week fairly well. I guess you’d have to ask my supervisor for the honest truth. Yet, as far as this week goes, I feel that I served a purpose, and that’s certainly a plus.

Safe Travels!

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