According to my calender, or my watch, or my phone, or…man, any other of today’s many information sources, spring began March 20th. Yet, as it’s Saturday, and I’ll post this Sunday, while I gaze out my window, surmising my modest neighborhood, the deflating image of snow covered yards greets my eyes.

I don’t hate winter. Quite frankly, if there’s plenty of snow, and I mean enough to play in, I actually love it. Here’s the problem though, a light snow does nothing for me. It’s actually quite useless, and even if I enjoy winter sports, after that initial thaw, Mother Nature would serve me well by saving the white stuff for next year.

I know, that was a bit of a rant, but I’m four miles away from my monthly running goal. I do have gear for cold weather runs, yet there’s a film of snow and ice covering the road. So, running would be a bit dangerous, as I imagine a possible pulled muscle or debilitating fall. So, I’ll skip the run.

I’m looking forward to today. I’ll help Heidi put the finishing touches on her move, bringing what’s left in her old home to her new one. I’ll share a little time with her son, and we’ll get it done swiftly.

Then, according to Heidi, we’ll have a day to ourselves. Lately, that’s been hard to come by. I’m dating a woman that’s going to school, has children and is starting a new job. I really can’t complain much, I did suggest that she should try for her masters degree.

So, that’s what’s on the docket for today. As I’ve been doing these past two weeks, I’ll enlighten you, should you care to read, on today’s endeavors Thursday. And I know this may be a little confusing, because, while you’re reading this Sunday, and I’m writing about the day before in the present tense, not to mention, I informed you I’d chronicle Saturday on Thursday, the moment I’m finishing this is late Saturday morning. Whew!! I’m scratching my head myself.

Read the last paragraph again. I swear, after a few reads, it’ll begin to make sense.

Safe Travels!

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