I actually don’t know, thinking of my recent life, what my next steps will be.  This past Sunday, I submitted my latest YA novel for copyright certification.  But, as I lack confidence, at least pertaining to my publishing world chances, I haven’t been diligently submitting my first book.  I’m writing a series, so, being diligent, that’s important.

Besides that, I had learned, just when I thought my troubled family member, the one I’ve mentioned in previous posts, had discovered their proverbial ‘light at the end of the tunnel’, they had ended back where they started, and that sucks.

I  had debated calling them, but I’m not sure I’m doing any good.  I hope it’s an uplifting moment, when they discover that a family member has called them, but,  based on my last conversation, I don’t think that’s really the case.

Besides that, work is going fine. I wish I earned a bigger check, but don’t we all.  I’ll continue working to the best of my ability, even if sometimes it seems I’m not.

As for my publishing quest, I need to have a plan of attack.  I’m thinking, as my writing journey continues, I’ll have to search other avenues.  I would absolutely love to say, before I leave this earth, and hopefully sooner, that I’m a published writer.  I know many share this dream, and are crazy talented.  So I’ll persist in working for it, and see what happens.

And if I can help others,  thinking back to my troubled family member, through my writing, or otherwise, I’ll definitely jump on that chance.  I know there’s no magic words, but piece of mind, and empathetic sentiments from others, surely helps.

Safe Travels!


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