Another week is passing, and I’m recounting another weekend.  It was a pretty boring Friday, full of cleaning.  Although, thinking back to that day, my favorite activity took place during the afternoon, and that would be a blog trip.

Friday’s was across town.  I was pretty excited, simply because, admitting my blog is a work in progress, I had been watching a class on Wondrium.  I know, you’re scratching your head right now.  You won’t be, especially if you’ve seen my earlier posts, when I tell you what I was watching; smartphone photography.

The teacher does an excellent job, and I feel my work has improved because of it.  When one can improve oneself, that always feels good.  Anyhow, I feel my post, at least the photography part, was better than most.

I had always focused on my writing, believing I’d never figure out picture taking.  Yet, this instructor, I admit that I don’t remember his name, did an excellent job teaching fundamental photography, especially related to smartphones.  Although I’m not finished with the course, I really think I get some of the composition concepts. 

If you viewed my post on ’46 Below’, the ‘Narrow Bridge Brewhouse’ or, my latest, the ‘Captain’s Walk Winery’, let me know how I did.  I think I’ve come a long way.

Anyways, getting back to the weekend, Saturday was much more eventful than Friday.  I helped Heidi, who recently found a new house, and was putting the finishing touches on her move.  We worked on that, and then, like Friday, Heidi by my side this time, I went on another blog trip.

It was actually more than that.   It was a bit of a date, as we sipped beer in a hip atmosphere.  After a few bills were spent, photos were taken and glasses were emptied, we headed home.  I made chicken pasta, eagerly starting my blog post as I waited for the food to cook.  I guess we dined like Italians- sadly, without the vino.

After that, I kind of hogged the television, at least I felt like it anyways.  We watched a Minnesota Wild hockey game. It was an intense contest that went into overtime, resulting in a ‘good guys’ victory.  I actually don’t know if I was being too selfish.  Heidi likes hockey too. 

She finds it comically amusing that, when a player does something wrong, they recieve a timeout, much like a misbehaved child. Actually, the player, if I’m to use hockey terms, sits in a penalty box, but it’s the same thing. 

We also, being a bit childish in nature, made light of a few last names.  There was one player who, because his last name sounded like Caprisun, I called juice box.  Heidi corrected me, informing me that Caprisuns actually come in packets. 

Anyways, shortly after that, we called it a night.  Tomorrow, as I usually do, I’ll recap the week.  And then, hopefully, I’ll follow that up with a professional looking blog, one I’ll publish on Saturday. 

Also, for those bloggers who do view my posts, I will try to return the favor.  I absolutely love reading them, it’s just a matter of finding time.  I have vowed, at least to myself, that I will sit down for a few hours, taking a break from Friday housework, and read some of your posts.  I should have been doing that all along.  Anyways…

Safe Travels!

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