This week, a fairly normal work stretch, went rather smoothly.  It saw standard Walmart unloading procedures mostly every day.  Even if it started a little rough, at least for yours truly, it turned out to be fairly easy.

I started out Sunday, my first day of the week, with me in breakpacks.  Like I’ve mentioned before, breakpacks means I’m sorting loose freight into its appropriate totes, and it’s the toughest task I perform. 

At first, it seemed to be going alright , but then, towards the end of the truck, box upon box of loose freight stormed down the line.  When the truck was finally unloaded, at a late hour I might add, I was swamped with freight.  Fortunately,  my gracious team lead, and a young lady, helped me sort the remaining freight.  Even with the help, I didn’t leave until after quitting time.  

Basically, after I sort the loose freight, I have to deliver the totes, I’m talking about taking the freight to the appropriate department.  It may sound easy,  but it involves palletizing freight, or putting it on carts.  Then, after it’s all packed up, I bring the goods to the salesfloor.

After Sunday, the week was kind of a blur.  I think I threw the truck on Monday.  I know, saying ‘I threw the truck’ sounds incredibly misleading.  You’re probably picturing a guy, one built like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, a build I certainly don’t possess, hurling a Ford F-150 across an intersection.  That isn’t even close to what I did. 

Basically, ‘throwing the truck’ means that I’m taking items, freight stacked inside a general merchandise trailer, and putting them on an automated line.  It sounds easy, and, generally, it is.  Although, throwing the truck usually entails lifting about 2,500 boxes.  When you consider that some of them are pretty heavy, it’s a workout.  If the truck is stacked well, I actually love doing it.  Well, that is, to a certain extent. I am forty-eight years old, and my joints detest undue wear and tear.

Tuesday saw me picking, and then, if memory serves me correctly, working the right side of the truck. I’m guessing, actually I’m quite certain, that if you don’t work for Wamart, more specifically, if you’re not part of the backroom, you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about.

I’ll explain: starting with picking. What this means, while not going into a lengthy explanation, is that we pull freight from overstock bins. To elaborate a bit, Walmart issues associates smart phones; I actually use mine for personal use also.

With this phone, going into a work app, I can go to a bin, which is about twelve feet high, and eight feet long, each segmented with shelves, and point my camera towards the freight.

Each box has its own QR code. So, with the camera pointed towards the boxes, an indicator, a little CG blue square, will come over certain labels with the code. This indicates that that box can fill its designated spot on the sales floor. Whew! I hope that was clear.

After that, I work on the automated line. When I say I worked on the right side of the truck, what is meant is that I’m in charge of four separate lanes.

To make it simple, picture a bird feeder, you know, one of those little tubes hung in your yard, filled with bird seed; that would be the main line. Secondly, think of the little pegs along this bird feeder. I think you know what I mean, those little perches, where the bird can stand while eating. Get it? If you do, those would be the the lanes, at least if you’re following my analogy. Or, I could use a tree and branches along its trunk, being a similar metaphor.

Anyways, figuring my explanation is clear as mud, I’ll get to the meat of description. There are four lanes on each side of the truck. Each lane has a few designated departments, such as sporting goods, hardware,etc. So, when the thing is working correctly, only those department’s items wind up in that lane. You might have guessed, I take the freight from the line and place it on a pallet or cart. Many of these carts are used solely for one aisle, or category, in a certain department.

So, now that I’ve probably over explained what I do, that’s what I did Tuesday.

Skipping ahead to Wednesday, I was back in breakpacks. There weren’t as many, in comparison to Sunday, so the day went fairly well.

And I conclude my post with Thursday, as I’m finishing this post during the day’s waning minutes. It was much like Tuesday, and wholly uneventful. I sit here writing this, being totally psyched for a day off.

To close this out, as you’ll be reading this Friday, which is my first day off, I seriously hope to accomplish a lot, including some blog reading. I’ll let you know how the day turned out a little later.

Safe Travels.

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