I’ll just start my post, as I actually lack a good topic, by detailing my blog progress, particularly how my skill development is going.  Lately, I’ve been studying photography and written communications.

While written communications pertains to business correspondence, it still strengthens writing skills.  So far, through the instructor’s lectures, I’ve come away with a better understanding of certain concepts.  There is so much to conquer, from punctuation to connotations, in this English language.  And I feel that, to become a better writer, and to scribe my perceptions clearly, continued education is essential.  I do get slip-shod if I’m not reinforcing fundamentals.

As for photo taking, it’s a continued learning curve.  I definitely need to be consistent in my approach.  I wasn’t feeling too good about yesterday’s photos; I think I was enjoying the moment, and not focused on great photos.  Yet, as for telling a story, they’re acceptable.  Well, they’re acceptable by my standards. 

With both, I’m still learning a great deal – and learning is fun.  It’s more fun when someone can put their knowledge to good use.  That’s exactly what I hope to do. 

Another aspect I need to work on is information gathering.  Too many times, almost always, I usually have to look up some tid bit on the internet.  I should actually be learning of the place, that is to say the one I’m blogging about, when I’m on site. 

So, with all that in mind, I’ll focus on what I need to learn. I hope you, the reader, enjoy my posts. I know, this post seems pointless, who cares what I’m doing? Right? Well, skill development is a topic, and I was able to write a few hundred words about it. Mission accomplished.

Tomorrow, continuing my dull posts, I’ll sum up my work week. Until then…

Safe Travels!


  1. I almost always look things up when I am writing a post. When I am visiting a place, I do learn some things. But I can only absorb so much before it isn’t fun anymore. And I want to enjoy what I am visiting. In my opinion, there isn’t anything negative about researching something further later. In any case, you are still learning, right? I enjoy your posts. Now, to be honest, I don’t drink beer, so those posts I may skip. But you have a unique voice, so keep writing!

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    1. Thanks Betty. I will keep writing, and I kind of suspected you weren’t a beer drinker. It’s kind of what we do in Wisconsin. This my sound horrible, but some of my fondest childhood memories, moments spent stealing candy bars and playing video games, occurred inside my grandparent’s bar. A lighted Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer sign, one from that bar, hangs on my kitchen wall.

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      1. That doesn’t sound horrible at all! It sounds like a nice memory. We aren’t “against” drinking; we just don’t. Neither Dan nor I ever acquired a taste for it. As long as it is done responsibly. In honesty, I do skip some of your craft beer posts – which is a reflection of my interests, not your writing. I do think a person who likes to write should write about what he or she is passionate about. So, you are doing it right. My brother is a fan of craft beers. When we visit Michigan, he always finds some craft beer places to visit during his travels. Michigan even has a travel magazine geared for the Craft Beer Lovers. He gets a copy every year.

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      2. That Magazine definitely sounds interesting. I do make it out to Michigan; I’d say once or twice a year, and some of its beer sticks out in my mind. As for not acquiring a taste for beer, I totally get it. Some just don’t care for it.

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