Man, last Thursday, which seems an eon ago, I had promised to recap my week; that never happened.  Since it’s already Tuesday, I’m just going to skip summing up that work stretch.  Basically, I melted down; I don’t care to relive that.

And, with any kind of bump in the road, there were adverse situations resulting from it.  Nothing real serious happened, but I did miss a day of work.  I don’t like missing work; I always feel guilty about it.  That guilt doesn’t simply wash away.

To add to that, while I have sick days, and the absence doesn’t count against my attendance, I know it sticks in the mind of my bosses.  So, I have to continue to work hard, and manage my mental health better.  I actually don’t know if my little episode could have been avoided, but eliminating stressors should be a priority, at least in my daily life.

Besides that, I’ll get to see one of my sisters, and her family, plus Mom and Dad this weekend. Thank God for Easter. 

This past weekend, Heidi and I finally did some serious bumming around.  So, even if I published an extra travel post, that came Sunday, I still have quality writing material.  And that always feels good.

Whoa! I’m rambling quite a bit, and I really don’t have a particular direction, at least when reading this back to myself. I guess so many personal things have happened since I’ve last journaled, which adds up to a lot of useless drama. That makes organizing my thoughts rather difficult.

Anyways, back to the weekend, Friday I was still reeling from my episode, which happened the day before. Yet, Heidi and I sought out a town, and we visited a quality brewery. I was actually proud of that post. I know, it’s another brewery, but, in my mind, each craft beer producer, at least its taproom, stands out in my mind because of its originality. And I thought I depicted this one particularly well.

Anyways, Friday also included barbecue and our favorite hometown brewery. After that, it was chicken Alfredo and a little downtime. Saturday was equally fun, and, God willing, I’ll tell you about it on Thursday.

Safe Travels!


  1. As someone who was a manager for 11+ years, one sick day isn’t going to matter in the long run. Supervisors appreciate good workers; it makes their job easier. So, just take care of yourself and continue to do a good job. And enjoy your day today.

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    1. Thanks for the comment, Betty. Those words are certainly reassuring. And, as for enjoying my day today, here in Wisconsin, it’s warm and sunny outdoors. So, I think I’ll enjoy a few rays before work. I hope Missouri has similar weather. Enjoy your day as well.

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      1. P.S. Don’t apologize for writing about craft breweries. There’s absolutely no reason to do that! Not sunny here, but hoping for later in the week! Sunshine always helps!

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