Tuesday, I had promised to write about Saturday; so I will.  That day, we aimlessly galavanted around, and it was the best day I have  had in a very, very long while. This past week,  I’ve chronicled two of our stops- hopefully they came across as jocular posts.  My final one will come on this Saturday.

As far as the day itself, it couldn’t  have gone better.  I had picked a town, one Heidi and I hadn’t visited before- at least we hadn’t visited it together, and we had a crazy good time.  We simply just rambled about.

I had picked a brewery to check out.  It was, very surprisingly, one of the  coolest places I’ve visited.  Admittedly, while I think I did a fairly decent job depicting it, I’m speaking of yesterday’s post, there were a few things I wished I would have done differently.  Nevertheless, I think I got the point across.

We then hit a curious museum; thats the one I’ll post on Saturday.  I had been there before, Heidi hadn’t.  So, as the place hadn’t changed much, I exuberantly showed her around.  It was fun, and, spoiler alert, we were able to sample craft sodas.

Our last stop, which happened to be on the way home, was one of those, “one day we should check that out,” places we had always talked about exploring.  It was literally the highlight of my day.  I featured it on Monday, and it was everything I said it was. 

As for that, I’m talking about my raving posts: I may come off phony, or too exuberant, when I feature someplace. Yet, actually, to be honest, I do enjoy most places I visit.  Mainly, that’s because I choose where I go, so, needless to say, I choose what I think I’ll like. 

But anyways, when we got home, it was early evening and we settled in for some hockey. I wasn’t really rooting for a particular team, at least not during this game; I was just rooting for overtime, but I ended up disappointed. Even so, it was still very entertaining.

Well, basically, that was Saturday in a nutshell. I can’t expect every Saturday to go that well, but I will definitely enjoy the days that render genuine smiles. When things get tough, which happens to anyone, I’ll think of such days. The knowledge and promise that similar days might be in the future, no matter how far off, is cause to smile.

Safe Travels!


  1. It sounds like you like to go exploring and see new places. We do, too. It’s good for the spirit! Don’t worry about how you come across in your posts – like being too phony or too exuberant. Be who you are. You have a unique voice. Let the world hear it. Passion and enthusiasm are contagious. Enjoy your day today!

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    1. Thanks, Betty. Your words are pretty inspirational. You could have been a motivational speaker, or writer. Anyways, I appreciate your comment, and I hope your day is a good one.

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