It’s Friday, and I’m beginning another weekend.  So, it’s time for a little reflection.  Let’s begin with my work week recap.

I’ve written about what I do, probably a bit too indepth, so I won’t explain it again.  And as a result, this post will, most likely, let’s see what comes out, be fairly brief.

Sunday, which has become predictable, at least when it comes to my responsibilities, saw me in break packs.  There were a lot, but I had help.  So, there wasn’t a lot of stress.

Monday was even less stressful, believe it or not.  That’s because there was no truck to unload; so, the work load was very light.

Tuesday I threw the truck.  Usually I love doing that, yet it wasn’t stacked very well;  so it was actually the worst day of the week.  When you have boxes chaotically tumbling towards you, and liquid spews from broken glass containers, it’s frustrating. But, after the messes were cleaned up, the rest of the night was a breeze.

Wednesday was actually my easiest night, and that differs from most wednesdays. Break packs were light. However, spills were the topic of the day.

During that day, I was in the backroom when I heard, what seemed to be, a continuous collapse. When I turned the corner, I was surprised to see a full pallet of eggs, both broken and intact, scattered across the floor. That took quite a while to clean up.

Later, I spilled three cases of pickles in the action alley So, like I said, spills were the day’s theme.

When Thursday rolled around, considering that the week was fairly easy, and I had decided to rest from exercising, I was feeling really fresh. That turned out to be fortunate. I say this because, if you were to go by piece count, we had the largest truck, and I’m not embellishing, I’ve ever seen roll into the docks. Yet, we unloaded it fast, well reasonably fast.

The most difficult thing, when unloading such a large truck, is finding enough carts to put the freight on. Added to that, while we are unloading, the backroom becomes cramped- as you might imagine. But the entire shift was well managed, and, because of that, my stress was practically nonexistant.

I write this now, as midnight approaches, in good spirits. What a difference a week makes. My only hope is that, tomorrow, and I feel good about my chances, I’m able to get my personal tasks carried out just as easily. For now, I’ll sip a Pabst Blue Ribbon, and thank God for the gift of self sufficience.

Safe Travels!

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