I’ll start this, as any decent Christian should, by wishing you a happy Easter. I hope that your celebration, if you do believe in Christ’s resurrection, is a splendid family gathering.

I had celebrated, and I guess celebrate is a horrible word choice, I’ll correct myself and say we observed, Good Friday by watching Passion of the Christ. Before then, even if I had watched it before, I don’t believe I had ever seen the movie in its entirety.

There are parts, which I had previously forgotten, that are pretty disturbing. And I guess that’s the point; it certainly drives its message home. What’s more, this production is a pretty close interpretation of the Bible. So, and I feel pretty secure in saying this, while the drama is imagined and portrayed by the director, the story is what God wants us to hear.

I know, the Jewish people seem to be portrayed poorly in the movie. But I, who have no ill will towards those of that faith, felt that most of the villifying depictions were directed towards corrupt Jewish leaders; mainly that of the high priest and King Herod.

And in the Bible, a Jewish mob, fueled by claims of blasphemy, did, indeed, demand crucifixion. I don’t really feel that’s antisemitic. It’s simply what had occurred.

And so, as I’m enjoying my family’s celebration while writing this, I feel a little bummed that I work Easter Sunday. So, besides church tomorrow, my festivities have been driven forward. No matter, a family get together is a family get together. Right now, by the way, I’m writing this on Saturday, my nephew is about to hunt for eggs, and I’m going to enjoy time with the fam!

Safe Travels!

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