I guess, as I think back to the past weekend, that Friday was a success; I’m speaking of our gallavanting down US Highway 41. While it had turned out in our favor, there were mishaps and sweeping changes to our original plans.

We had originally set out for the state’s capital: Madison, Wisconsin. Yet, about twenty minutes into the drive, we were inconvenienced by minor car troubles. So, we found a garage and decided to stay closer to home.

While we waited for the car to be repaired, we walked to a restaurant. There, seeing it was Good Friday, we found an all-you-can-eat special, one serving fried whitefish. Naturally, we sat down and enjoyed a delicious meal; I washed it down with a good craft beer.

With that particular brewery’s Scottish ale lingering in my mouth, we decided, after our car was ready, to visit Stone Arch Brewery. We did, yet I was not content. I yearned for a longer road trip.

With that desire propelling me, we followed 41 South towards a town I’ve known about my entire life, yet had never visited. What we discovered, in the most improbable of coincidences, considering it was Good Friday, was a church turned restaurant, known as the Cellar District. Talking about celebrating the Lord’s Supper!

Anyways, although the drinks were really pricey, we each sipped one. We then returned home.

After we arrived at my house, and I had made dinner, we settled in and watched Passion of the Christ. I have already described my thoughts and feelings about the movie. Those particular reflections I had shared on my Easter Sunday post. So, I won’t repeat them.

With the thoughts of what Jesus went through, and why he suffered as he did, I lied down and slept. It was one of the most refreshing snoozes I have had in a very long time. I think, even if I had not went to a church service that day, that God rewarded my observances. I certainly had a serene positive vibe about me when I arose.

Safe Travels!

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