I’m starting this post, meaning I’ve just begun writing, on a balmy Thursday afternoon.  I should mention that balmy in April, set in northeast Wisconsin, means mid to high 50’s.   So, with gorgeous, sunny weather abounding, I’ll begin my work-week recap prematurely, being that my final shift is yet to come.

So far, thinking back to the first four days, it hasn’t been half bad.  Actually, Sunday was different than most Sundays- but in the most welcome way.  I basically worked on the line, meaning that I sorted boxed freight and put those parcels on the appropriate pallet.

Monday saw me throwing the truck –  I did alright.  I really don’t need to say anymore than that.

Providing relaxation, Tuesday was another day that, and they seem to be more frequent lately,  was without a truck to unload.  So, the work load was light. Even if that was the case,  I made a bone headed move and left my phone at home, that was while I was on lunch.  I lost some time, as I headed back home to retrieve it.

Wednesday, which is usually my toughest day, went well.  That was due to two main reasons.  The first reason: our duties, I’m speaking of my team’s slated tasks, changed a bit.  Stocking team one, or CAP one, had its shift hours altered.  Now our shifts overlap, and they will take on some of our prior duties.  So, we got a head start on the truck.

Two, and I’m grateful for this, while I was unloading on the line, being that there were only two of us til four, my direct supervisor allowed me to make a dent in breakpacks, and that was before more people arrived.  Usually, I don’t start sorting the loose freight before four. And that sets me behind, and trying to catch up, the entire time the truck is being unloaded.

So, while I’ve mentioned that I began this post early, as I sit down Thursday night, catching glimpses of street lamps shedding light on barren neighborhood yards, which simply means it’s late, I sip a Hinterland Door County Cherry Wheat beer and start to recount tonight.

It was definitely different. The lone woman, at least the only one who comes in at two, was not at work today. So, my tasks varied, and I found myself tasked with responsibilities I haven’t been assigned in ages. According to my supervisor, I exceeded expectations – at least today’s expectations. That rarely happens, so I’ll chalk it up as an apt ending to the week.

Like I said, I’m sipping beer and writing; it’s kind of my end of the week celebration – a frozen pizza is cooking in the oven also. So, I’ll shoot Heidi an ‘I love you’ text, wait for the pizza to cook and find a hockey game on ESPN plus. That’s just about as relaxing as it gets.

Safe Travels!

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