Saturday, as I had mentioned in Tuesday’s post, I had awoke refreshed.  That’s an understatement.  Couple that with an excellent family get together, and it was a super day. 

Because Saturday was more convenient, we celebrated Easter a day early.  Only one thing would have made me happier, and I would have loved for this to have happened ; that would have been seeing my sister Laurie’s family.  But I did see my other sister’s clan, and it’s been ages since that’s occurred.  When we grow and age, getting everyone in one place is a challenge.  The last time I’ve seen everybody together…man, I truly couldn’t tell you for sure.

But it was great.  It seems like only yesterday, and I’m not sure where the time has gone, that I was hiding Easter eggs for Drew and his younger brother Cole, my sister Shannon’s two eldest boys.

This past week, Cole turned 16.  The boy went online and had his driver’s license by six that morning.  I’d say the kid was more than a little excited. 

But back to my point, I had mentioned hiding eggs for the two boys.  Of course, you’d have to throw Maddy and Bjorn, my other sister’s oldest two, into the mix also. 

Anyways, this year, Uncle Chris sat with grandpa – chatting and daydreaming about owning a Tesla.  While I did, my sister Shannon and her two eldest boys had a contest.  The goal was to see which eggs Isaiah, that’s Shannon’s five year old son, would find first.  So, the three found clever places to hide the plastic eggs. 

You know you’re aging when, and I have mixed emotions about this, the kids you once hid eggs for are, now, doing the hiding.  What’s worse, while they were doing that, I didn’t leave the living room sofa. 

I always comment to Heidi, and I say it with the fondest recollections, my grandfather had a chair.  And as he aged, he would sit there more and more often.  My dad also has a chair, although he was sitting next to me on the sofa on Saturday.  I see myself, as I ruminate about Saturday, comfortably lounged on my own sitting chair one day, especially during family celebrations.

The rest of the day, as I spent it cleaning and winding down, I was alone.  But it was decent, it was time for reorganizing my thoughts, resting up and getting psyched for the upcoming week.

Safe Travels!

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