Sometimes, the night you had looked forward to, being that you had chose to visit a place you were dying to see, turns out to be a tense nightmare.  And you just don’t care to write about that place.

That happened Friday.  Heidi and I had visited a restaurant, one I had fancied visiting for years, yet a ton of weighty emotions subdued the cool, historic atmosphere.  The menu, if you were to read the cover, mentioned that the place was haunted. Now I’m not a superstitious fellow, but maybe a malevolent spirit interfered with our exchanges. 

Whatever the case, this Appleton eatery, an absolutely wonderful place, was the first excellent spot, and I’m being sincere, that I have not featured in a post – and I’ve been posting for four and a half years. Even if that was the case, considering my feelings during our dinner, I’m not sure I want to return.

But life isn’t all roses.

Anyways, we returned home – however, our argument wasn’t resolved.

We decided to let it rest, and Heidi kicked my but in gin rummy. I wasn’t simply being nice and letting her win. If I had, She would have sensed that and would have been even more ticked. So, being myself, a hardworking competitive man, I tried to win. She’s just a better rummy player.

The night ended with me being a bit tense, a little unsure of my stance. Yet, I know what has helped me in life. And when you long for that security, it’s a hard thing to simply let go.


Safe Travels!

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