Usually, speaking of the recent past, I’ve been posting travel bits, at least what I consider to be travel posts, on Mondays.  But Sunday, I had posted my latest a day earlier – my apologies.  I was testing my efficiency, trying to get a quality post written in a short time frame.

I think it worked.  I didn’t receive many views, but I felt the photos were acceptable, and I thought  I covered the reader’s interests, at least the readers who would consider visiting such a spot, completely and accurately. Well almost; if memory serves me correctly, I believe the place had a small menu.  And while that might attract a few people, I didn’t deem it absolutely important.

So, with my schedule in mind,  I’ll have to fall back into my routine.  And that’s small potatoes. I don’t receive a ton of views anyways.  I just want to demonstrate consistency; I have read that consistency indicates dependability, and it also increases your followers.  And, really, is there any other way to indicate dediction than consistently posting?

And  to tell you the truth, it’s fun;  I’m getting better at it too.  I cringe sometimes, quite literally, when reading some of my earlier stuff.  But, I know, with anything, there’s a learning curve – even if I’ve been trying to write since I was nine. 

Well, anyways, it’s time to put the phone down; I have to get back to work.  I hope everyone enjoys their Tuesday.  As for me, I’ll have to pull a rabbit from my  hat.  I say that because I have no spot to write about yet.  I’m sure I’ll find someplace; hopefully you find it interesting.

Safe Travels!

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