Sometimes, when you make an arduous attempt, a painstaking pursuit at a goal, and you see no results, you’re struck with ire and frustration. Do you simply give up? Why the hell would you? You’ve worked your tail off, why would you simply accept defeat…especially when you feel you’ve truly earned better?

I guess that’s how I’m feeling right now. I’m not mad at anyone in particular, merely circumstance. So, I’ll vent the best way I know how, I won’t hide my fury, nor will I suppress it. I’ll simply vent, reassess, and attack it again. Blowing off steam, and writing about it, as I’m doing right now, satisfies the beast inside.

I mean to say – if one might interpret my ideas as selfish or narcissistic – I want what I work for. And I believe, God willing, that everybody should realize their potential – if the required effort is put forth. I realize life is tough, I know it is, and I can list dozens of instances when God has demonstrated that, directly to yours truly, with a rather heavy hand, but one should reap success when it’s warranted.

You’re probably wondering where all this angst and emotion is coming from. I’ll say this, it’s a result a few situations. Don’t worry, I won’t give up on life. I owe it to those around me, and myself, to stick around. Yet, the frustration is simply unavoidable – I’m not going to deny it. I won’t let it eat me up either.

Pride. Respect. Dignity. Awareness. Compassion. Resolve.

I must focus on those points. And just keep being me; I pray that will simply be enough.

And even if some may laugh at this, it’s how I truly feel. I also know, putting yourself on a format for the world to see invites ridicule. Yet, I believe a writer defines his emotions, no matter what he writes, for the world to see.

Safe Travels!


  1. I surely hope no one would laugh at how you are feeling . . . because everyone has felt that way at some point in life even if they don’t admit it. I have certainly. And I hope that whatever you are facing gets better, and I’m happy that you aren’t going to let the frustration eat you up. Best wishes.

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    1. Thanks, Betty. I just wanted to get things off my chest. I know, it was a little dramatic. Thanks for the well wishing, and I hope tomorrow turns out well.


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