I really appreciate the likes and comment I received yesterday. It’s cathartic to lay my thoughts on a screen, especially when people read what I’ve posted. I feel, even if I’m the only one who might read my sentiments, that someone out there understands what I’m going through. And although nothing has changed, the emotions have subsided for now. I’ve shifted my outlook a bit, and that helps.

So, what do I have to say? Not much, there was a little tiff today. It wasn’t major, yet it left me questioning myself. I don’t like that.

But anyways, I’ve probably opened up, with all the uncensored venting, a bit more than I should have. So, I’ll be a little more professional. And I hope the silent criticisms are kept to a minimum. Tomorrow, I’ll have a brand new travel post. I know I’ll have some fun with it. Until then, as I’m going to truncate this piece, keeping it short and simple, I invite you to read tomorrows bit, and….

Safe Travels!

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