This past Friday, as I compare my original plans to what actually took place, was a fairly uneventful and frustrating day.  Nonetheless, even if my intentions were not realized, it became productive through inadvertent events.

I had originally set out for my first complete MTB ride.  It was doomed from the beginning.  As I cruised a busy city street, with my bike rack strapped to my trunk, I noticed that my bike was attached haphazardly to my car.  One of the straps on my rack had snapped.

So, I pulled over and threw my two-wheeler in the trunk…huge mistake.  I nursed my car home, with the unlatched trunk door jostling with every pothole, and settled on defeat.  But my misfortunes continued, being that, because of my ill-advised haste, and the cumbersome method in which I shoved my pedal vehicle into my car, my brake pads were froze together.  Now I had serious problems.

So, I dialed the bike shop, after not finding a suitable answer on Youtube, and asked for help.  They told me what to do, and, if that didn’t work, to bring it in so a technician could look at it.  You may have guessed, I ended up bringing it to the shop.

While prying the pads apart, the decent fella noticed that those pads were extremely worn.    I was quite nervous about price, seeing how this was a fairly expensive bike, and parts were bound to be equally expensive. 

That really wasn’t the case; he quoted me a total of twenty five bucks for installation – parts and labor included. At that price, I had no qualms with replacing the pads.  And no, I didn’t really question the condition of the brakes, which, considering the fact that I wasn’t experiencing any problems, might raise a brow.  But I ride a lot.  Plus it’s a three year old bike, and I’ve only had maintenance done on my baby once before.

So, considering the day’s misadventures, and the time consuming detours, a silver lining radiated through the mire.

Yeah, yeah, I know, that last sentence was a large dose of verbosity.  Would you believe, when playing brain games, I excel at brevity and clarity? Spoken plainly, being unlucky turned out to be lucky. Enough said, right?

Anyways, a truly fun excursion followed. I went to the Stillmank Brewing Co. taproom, and I started taking pictures – with a tasty beer by my side. The staff and customers were really cool about it, laughing and joking with me. The bartender actually suggested shots. And that’s great when everyone simply has fun with it.

After, I returned home and wrote some favorable words concerning my visit. The rest of the night was a quiet, relaxing night at home.

As I’m finishing this and reflecting, I realize, although there was frustration, I can check Friday off as a positive day. I think perseverance, and doing the right thing, certainly paid off.

Safe Travels!

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