Man, I can’t believe another work week has expired.  Well, I’m writing this, furiously pecking on my phone, just before my final shift – the last shift of the week at least.

This particular week, which was a summer like stretch, saw me working my tail off.  As I did, I cursed the heavens all the while. I’m just kidding; Actually, I love putting forth effort, I feel like a decent human being because of it.

But yes, my duties were a conglomeration of tasks, which I tried to accomplish with vigor.  Yet, sometimes, this forty-eight year old body begs for rest; I’ve learned to obey that request.  But, now that I’m tapping a bit on my first break, I feel a certain sense of accomplishment lighting this week’s end.  I pray there’s no unforeseen twist, a hideous bump in the road, that will mar that sensation.

Anyways, so far, so good. I’ll get back to the blog, and write a brief summary, after the shift has ended. For now, I’m going to do my best, hoping for a happy weekend.

And now, the end of the night has arrived. With that, as I covered many roles, I’m talking of my Walmart duties, I feel like I fulfilled my obligations – and I certainly feel I’ve earned my check. To me, that’s an important thing. My place in this economy, even if it’s a small roll, is a productive one. I wish every able bodied American the same sense of worth!

Safe Travels!


    1. Thanks, Betty. This post simply reflects my emotions while the week came to an end. I only wish every week would be that way. But I guess you live for the fight when that’s all that you got…I stole that from a Bon Jovi song. But the sentiments certainly ring true. I hope your day goes well.

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