I’ll start today’s post by saying, as I feel it must certainly be said, that Saturday was an excellent day.  It started with an art museum visit, and then, during the evening, I celebrated a wedding anniversary.  It was an extremely fun day,  full of awe and jovial spirits, and it really wasn’t costly.

We started around 10:30 AM, making our way, with the occasional restroom break,  down Highway 29 towards Wausau.   I always love that stretch of road, which is surrounded by rolling fields.  Adorning that landscape, you’ll find aged barns adding true Midwestern character.

But anyways, the goal of our drive was the Leigh Yawkey Museum, and the Corning Museum glass working demo. I found everything, and absolutely mean everything, about my experience uplifting. From the demo to the sculpture garden, and the museum exhibits to my company, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

We then returned to Green Bay. Heidi changed her clothes, opting for fashionable attire. I, myself, was quite excited to craft my blog…well, I started it anyways; Heidi was urging me to get dressed. So, I did – opting for black apparel. I think black clothes are sleek and formal, and, since we were heading to a fashionable setting, I think my clothing was quite appropriate.

We arrived, mingled, danced(we even stepped to a polka) and socially sipped a few alcoholic beverages. At around 9:30, we returned and enjoyed each other’s company.

I’d say, mostly because no such day comes to mind, that Saturday was genuinely rare. And the feeling I experienced, I’m talking about returning to work the following day, couldn’t be beat. It seemed that I had beat the worldly tension by simply living free – if only for a day.

Safe Travels!


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