Yesterday, I explained why I like mountain biking. Today, I realized that I had omitted one huge reason. And it might be the biggest: mountain bikers are cool.

When I say mountain bikers are cool, I’m not referring to the guy with the tight cycling jersey, you know, the one wearing the high tech glasses and the 200 dollar shoes. I admit, I’m probably just jealous. I simply can’t afford to wear such garb and accessories. However, just as cool, maybe even better, I’m talking about the down to earth, trail loving guy, one willing to help a rider with a broken down bike.

I met three such souls after a slight mishap today. And after one particular guy exhausted every option, unfortunately to no avail, I asked myself during my drive home, “Why didn’t I offer to buy that guy a beer sometime?” But I didn’t….sometimes I’m socially inept. That man absolutely deserved a good brew. I know you’ll probably never read this, but thanks Josh!

The other two bikers were just as helpful, or they tried to be. One man, after I had snapped my chain, which caused me to leave the single track trail, and then find a broad, gravel path, had directed me towards the trailhead- being that I was a bit turned around. And a young woman asked if I needed patches, as I pushed my bike down the road; she obviously thought that I had blew a tire. I showed her the busted chain in my hand; she gave me a compassionate smile and wished me luck.

I even received suggestions, after failing to repair it on site, on how to fix my bike. I’m pretty happy about that, and the fact that it might be a cheap fix.

Anyways, I’m glad people, ones with such generous spirits, ride the trails. With all the seemingly tainted garbage that exists on social media outlets, it’s great to get in the woods and meet genuinely good human beings. And that’s another reason why I’ll continue to mountain bike.

Safe Travels!


  1. This is so nice to read. There are many nice people in the world, but it seems the negative focus in the media and in social media overshadow kindness. Thanks for this positive post! Ride on!

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    1. Thanks, Betty. Yeah, so many helpful folks, I mean those three MTBers, certainly engendered a want to repay those acts of kindness. Hopefully, I reflect their generosity.

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