So, being that it’s nearing the week’s end, and I don’t care to recap this past week, I’ll preview my vacation.  I won’t go into details, mainly because I haven’t made all of the decisions yet, but I’ll do a little prognostication; this vacation will be an exilerating outdoor adventure. 

With Heidi in mind, Heidi being my trusty companion, I’m thinking of a few surprises.  Lately, all things considered, I think she certainly deserves it – although we don’t always see eye to eye.  

We’re headed towards south central Wisconsin, which is abounding with scenic landscape.  Well, I’m thinking it’s graced with beautiful scenery, especially when I refer to my state park guide – thanks Shannon!

There are definitely interesting attractions in that area.  Those attractions go beyond state parks, being near a town packed with water parks.  Sadly, I’m a bit old for water slides.  Well, I guess I could survive them, but now, as I’ve certainly aged, I prefer other things.

As you may have guessed, and I’ve certainly alluded to it, hiking, sightseeing and swimming are activities we’ll enjoy.  Now, with that said, I guess I’m going to do a little research, tend to my job and live a bit.

Safe Travels!


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