Today, I must admit, I feel horrible.  On this most celebratory day, being Sunday, my Godson graduates from high school – and I’m stuck at work.  It’s a sense of pride, and I’m not not simply saying it because I should, to know this guy is my nephew.

I know, and I should stymie my confidence a bit, mainly because nothing is guaranteed in life, but I feel he’ll be successful.  His mother and father have instilled traits, positive attributes, that I pray he will carry forward. 

Come this fall, he will be attending UW-Whitewater, with business and marketing as his chosen majors.  I’m not sure what his goals are beyond college, but it’s certainly an excellent start.  When it comes to being an uncle, I’ve learned not to dream of the possibilities.  Instead, I’ll just marvel at this kid’s accomplishments…man, I just wish I could have seen him graduate.

But, I pray that this guy realizes that I’m behind him one-hundred percent.  And I won’t falter when it comes to backing him up. I remember, when watching this kid as a child, delighting in his determination.  I hope that persists into adulthood and continues throughout his life.

Safe Travels!

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