Hopefully, your day is going well.  Since I’ve just led off with some well wishing, you just might do the same, asking,  “How’s yours going, Chris?” I’ll have to be quite honest, I’m not sure yet:  It’s simply beginning.

But Memorial Day, and that camping weekend, was certainly uneventful.  Heck, two of those days, if you want to talk about hum-drum, I obediently attended my place of employment – I know, I should just say I had to work; fancy verbosity only makes me appear pretentious – damn it, I did it again!

Well, all the cutesy prose aside, I lamented a few hard facts.  I know, lament is a strong word, but, actually, it’s pretty accurate.  And I regretfully plugged through Sunday and Monday.

Now that I’ve touched on my mindset, I’ll mention that I posted on my Godson’s graduation; I’m proud as hell.  I’m also bummed because I missed it.  That was undoubtedly the biggest lamentation of the weekend.

Tonight, I plan on hitting it up on YouTube- which is  practically the only must see TV these days.  It will be, by far, not as fun as watching it live, but I’ll get to see that boy, the one I was petrified to hold, I’m talking about the day he was born, proudly stride across the stage.  It blows my mind….did that just happen?

I realize, now that I’ve matured, that life is as quick as it is precious.  And sometimes, especially in my youth, I fooled myself – thinking I had all the time in the world.  I’ll definitely admit, there are certainly moments I would want back.  Although,  I am stubborn; so I wonder, if put in the same position, would I actually let go of foolish pride, and just live life in the best interests of me and those I love.  I say all this, and it may seem a bit rambling, because I desperately want this kid to grab life by the horns.

But all that being said, I hope your Thursday is excellent.  Make it the best day ever!

Safe Travels!

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