Today, being the last day of the work week, I absolutely feel great.  I thought that, since I got off to a late start, I’d be rushing all day.  But, actually, I took my time, tended to what needed attention, and fulfilled my morning wishes.

I came to work, ready for the task at hand, knowing my nephew is off to a great start. That young man, my sister’s oldest, is graduating with honors and college bound.  For that, I thank god.  I know my sister is one proud mom; I had always envisioned she would be.

I also know, even as I near fifty, that I have my own mountains to climb.  Nothing’s impossible, that is if you show commitment and are a good human.  Of course, dilligence comes into play.  And if you see yourself as a role model, you really have no choice- so why not continue to climb?

That being said, with a positive aura, I’ll close out this week. I hope the good vibes continue, and, as I certainly pray, I long to earn the respect and well wishing of those surrounding me. In life, you can only control you. Well almost, I guess, some people in power control those under them to a certain extent. But usually that power and control is a simple illusion, one we choose to believe

Even the president of the United States, surely a symbol of power and prestige, must answer to the lowest paid American; that’s why we vote. And, though my faith sometimes wanes, that’s why I love this country.

Yeah, I’m kind of rambling, spitting out whatever comes to mind – yet, I feel I’m harnessing it enough to write coherently. Sometimes, I just have to state what’s going through my head.

Today, and continuing into the weekend, I wish you good fortune. May you find an experience, whether of leisure or toil, that will bring you happiness.

Safe Travels!


    1. Thanks, Betty. Yes, we should try to climb, in some shape, manner or form. I feel being positive is certainly a way of inspiring others. I just hope I don’t come off as quirky or phony.

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