I began this weekend, after planning an adventurous two days off, with an adventure sport splurge. If anything, it’s a confidence builder – ensuring me that I’m in tip-top shape.

Okay, I’m not in the best possible condition. I could actually eat healthier; I’m prone to downing a meal of chicken nuggets and fries, or, better yet, a weekend pizza sure hits the spot. Yet, I do watch my heart health, or any aspect of my health for that matter. So, a day of wilderness fun, surrounded by wildlife and trees, was an excellent way to spend a Friday.

I didn’t go all-out, nor did I slack off, as I engaged in three separate activities: kayaking, trail running and mountain biking. Each one was performed at maintainable rates. I also managed my distances, making sure I didn’t overexert myself.

And after I was finished, I wasn’t exhausted. Instead, with a slightly sunburned body, I felt like I had an excellent start to my day – although my final activity, trail running, wasn’t finished until two PM.

In case you’re wondering, I paddled four miles; that took around an hour and ten minutes. Then I biked ten miles, all on single track trails. Once again, it took around an hour and ten minutes to complete. Finally, and a much shorter exploit, I went for 1.6 mile run. I finished that in around fifteen minutes.

As the summer progresses, I hope to increase the distances. The goal is to perform each activity at sprint triathlon lengths. I’m almost there, and I believe I’m in shape to run such distances-if I absolutely have to.

But I want to be able to complete them, and I’m gunning for a once a week event, with something left in the tank.

I know, this sounds a lot like bragging, and it is. I’m pretty proud of how I’ve progressed. I was once a twenty year smoker, one who would down a pack and a half a day, now I’m a guy who has a resting heart rate in the low forties.

One of the best decisions of my life, and I remember devising the plan, was my choice to quit smoking. For years I had simply put it off. Now I curse myself for not quitting sooner.

Being out with nature, challenging myself up a steep climb, beats a drag of a cigarette any day. And the high I receive, that rush of endorphins and pride, when earning such an accomplishment, well, that occurs each time I complete an excursion.

So, with that in mind, I hope to stick to this healthy trend. There are so many positives that come from these activities. God willing, I hope to undergo these for many years to come!

Safe Travels!


  1. Good for you! The most valuable resource we have is our health. Without it, not much else can be done. Well, you can pray. I love being outside and walking or riding my bike.

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