Man, so far, it’s been a relaxing and productive day.  And, with my daily tasks in order, I think it should continue. So, I’ll write a bit about it, and I’ll share my feelings as the day progresses.

Right now, as I’ve enjoyed a meal of potatoes and pork chops, I’m relaxing after lunch. I do feel a sense of accomplishment; I unloaded the GM trailer at over an ‘1,000 piece an hour’ rate. That’s standard for anyone. Yet, seeing how I’m in my late forties, I’d say it’s a rather outstanding feat.

Mostly, the other guys are younger; so, if they beat me, which I’m sure they can, I’m not going to cry about it. I”ll just concentrate on me. I know, then, I’ll perform to the best of my ability.

Anyways, with lunch gone by the wayside, and my final break providing a short writing chance, I’ll tell you that nothing catastrophic has happened. It’s looking like a productive night. My tasks are relatively simple, and the customers seem to be in good spirits. I look forward to my after work meal, and a little rest before I head to bed.

Now I’m home, mowing down a burrito and sipping water, as my mind definitely feels spent. Soon, I’ll head off to bed and recharge my battery. I know tomorrow will be demanding, so I’ll prepare to tackle that day with a little vigor. For now, knowing that you’ll read this while I’m knee deep into the upcoming day, I’ll bid you a good day and….

Safe Travels!


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