So, today started out pretty well.  And, God willing, it should remain pleasant.  Though, as my world turns, strange torrents lurk around the most unexpected corners.  But, let’s hope, as I’m looking up at grey skies, that the metaphorical ray of sunshine burns upon my breast…no Idea where that last bit came from, but, eh, a little prose killed no one.

Anyways, toning it down a notch, I hope your day is going well. It seems life, as a whole, whizzes by so fast. And, as proof of that, the memories can be blurry.

One solid memory, and I love picturing the emerald forest, is my MTB ride through the Reforestation Camp. That happened today, and it kicked some tail.

Well, to tell you the truth, my derailer needs to be inspected. My bike chattered, and the gears failed, while climbing a few slight grades. I made it up all but one hill, but, really, given the degree of difficulty, none of those hills should pose a problem.

My bike’s gearing has become second nature; when it’s out of whack it’s certainly debilitating. I’ve just put off getting it repaired. It would certainly make the rides a lot easier.

Anyways, I completed the single track jaunt, a seven mile ride, with light rain falling. It was actually a refreshing sensation. I felt like a man conquering nature. Okay, that’s over the top, but I did feel like I accomplished something.

So, wrapping it up, my work day went fine. The weekend is in sight, and I look forward to a little outdoor activity.

Safe Travels!


  1. All that elaborate prose has me smiling. My guess is you feel great after your ride!! Good luck with your bike repair. Hope you have a great weekend when it gets here. Enjoy your day!

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    1. Thanks, Betty! I am enjoying the weekend – at least so far. I hope you’re doing likewise. And yeah, the prose probably reflected the emotions spurred by my ride.

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