So, I had mentioned, if you remember, that I had performed a few outdoor activities – that was two Fridays ago.  This past Friday, which was an absolutely gorgeous day, saw more of the same – with slight alterations in distance.

Actually, I engage in an outdoor sport, whether kayaking, mountain biking or trail running, just about every day.  I alternate activities, but I lean towards mountain biking when given the chance.

However, on Fridays, with a full day off, I engage in all three. It’s in preparation for a wilderness triathlon. It seems, and I’m not joking, that I’ve been in training for the past three years. Unfortunately, for several reasons, I haven’t been able to participate in the event – and father time waits for noone. So, I’ll make an earnest effort to get this done…like this fall!

I don’t go all out, and based on this past friday, one that saw me on the trails at 8 am, it might be a struggle to finish…at least without taking a break. Yet, the summer is young, and I can change my dietary habits. So, there might be some hope yet.

If you’re wondering, I started out with a mountain bike ride; that was 8.44 miles and took me an hour and two minutes to complete.

My second endeavor was a 5 kilometer trail run…I was totally gassed at the end. The run took me 29 minutes and thirty five seconds- I blame the lack luster result on allergies. I’m also not accustomed to the steep hill climbs. My hope is, and I need this to be true, that I become acclimated to those arduous ascents.

Finally, my kayak run was pretty standard. I believe my four mile paddle took an hour and thirteen minutes. I feel fairly good about that. I’m especially proud that, and I don’t mean to brag, I have the muscle endurance for an hour long kayak expidition.

So there, I did a little showing off. To tell the truth, I really didn’t have anything else to write about. And, I have to admit, even if the length of time is only an hour, I think about these feats, and the ones I plan on tackling, quite often. It should keep me busy this summer. I just hope the weather, as it has these past two weeks, continues to cooperate.

Safe Travels!


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