Well, what should I write about today? I’m not really sure. Incidentally, I know tomorrow’s topic, but I haven’t visited it yet. So, that will have to wait.

I guess, as I’ve assessed my life this weekend, that my current situation is pretty basic. What I mean is that, with the human relationships surrounding me, there aren’t many complications…and that’s good.

Of course, it may not always remain that way. I think being true to myself, and honestly interacting with those I’m close to, makes for an easier time. But also, and I think this is important, God has kept most of those I love, with a few disheartening exceptions, safe from illness.

Anyways, as far as work is concerned, I’m doing well. I think I exceeded expectations today; I literally gave it my all. When I was finished, at least with my first task, I could feel the smile beaming from my face. I’m rarely that satisfied.

Well, I’ll wrap this short post up. Have a good day, and, if you can, read my museum piece tomorrow.

Safe Travels!

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