Today, it’s very hot outside.  So, for a change, I stayed indoors…. well, for the most part. I did do some errand running.   And, aside from the heat, considering I engage in a lot of outdoor sports, I’m a bit tired, so I needed break. 

Anyways, pretty importantly, my nephew’s birthday is today.   It turns out, after chatting with my sister today, and learning what he’s up to, that he enjoys doing a lot of same things that I do.  He has also discovered those activities, those activities being adventure sports, a lot earlier in life than I had.  And I know, since I’ve engaged in such endeavors with him, that he excels in like tasks…and that’s awesome!

So I purchased him something, an article of clothing, that he could wear while engaging in an adventure sport.  I hope he likes it.  It’s really nothing big, but I wear mine religiously.  They’re so light weight, he won’t even know he’s wearing it.

Anyways, tomorrow it should be a bit cooler.  Thank God; it’s so damn muggy out right now.  With the comfortable temps, I should be able to get out, sometime tomorrow morning, and work up a sweat.

Right now, I’m in mental limbo – wondering whether I should venture a drive back to work.  I’m home on lunch, and the dark, ominous sky screams danger.  I tried to text my boss: no reply.  Still, I don’t think Walmart is going to be flushed down the toilet if I wait out a storm.

So, I’ll wrap this post up. No, I didn’t die in the storm. But the atmosphere was ripe for a tornado. And so, now with the workday behind me, I’ll wish everyone a good day.

Safe Travels!

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