Phew!!  It is HOT today, and I’m a bit lightheaded.  I’m not experiencing full on heat stroke, or anything like that, but the weather is making me weak.  I guess I’ll have to ensure that I’m staying hydrated.

I blame my meager heat tolerance, and I’m pretty sure that it’s the case, on my stint at Eilson AFB, Alaska.  There, seventy degrees was a hot summer day; summer didn’t last long either.  Plus, and more importantly, they say your blood thickens in frigid temps. I believe mine never returned to normal.

Anyways, I’m done griping.  I’ll move on to another subject: work.  There’s plenty to do at Walmart, at least there is at store 1908.  Inventory is Tuesday, and almost everybody is playing some role in its preparation.  Mine isn’t much, but my manager has asked for my participation.

So, as it’s hardly the masculine thing to do, I’m working in apparel.  The two young ladies, or my coworkers, that usually perform those tasks are on vacation.  They told me they were going to California; I told them they picked the wrong time of year to visit.

But anyways, this week will see me at work; that’s usually how it goes.  However, there will be more hours worked than usual.   So, I’ll bid everyone a good day, and I’ll head to bed early.

Safe Travels!

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