So, I had made a mistake on yesterday’s bit.  On that post, speaking of my journal entry, I had claimed that today, Tuesday, which is confusing because you’re reading this Wednesday, but anyways, I had stated that Tuesday was our Inventory day-  at least for Walmart store 1908.  Inventory day is actually Wednesday.  I know that’s of little consequence to you, but it’s kind of a big thing here.

And it’s hotter today than it was yesterday; I swear a knife could slice through the humidity.  Fortunately, our crew is working the frozen section.  After that, we move on to the dairy coolers.  Either way, working those two sections, constantly running in and out of cold rooms, does provide some refreshment. 

Today, if all goes well, I should be able to leave early-only because I arrived four hours before my shift had started.

Anyhoo, with that little tidbit said, and the store abuzz with laborers, I’ll have to say that I feel good. When you can contribute, no matter what role you play, you feel part of something bigger than yourself. At least I do.

Of course that total feeling of accomplishment, that’s if our numbers turn out well, comes when all is tallied. Tonight, I’ll go home and cross my fingers…well, I probably won’t go that far, but I hope Wednesday is a success.

Safe Travels!

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