As I look towards tomorrow, and feel a relaxing sensation, which is an assurance that the day will be carefree, I hope today goes well. Outside, as I glance out my living room window, the skies are clear and the sun invites simple lounging. Yet, I’ve got to fight that notion and head to Walmart.

Thinking of today, this morning I had a chance to ride my mountain bike. It was a decent ride, though I did feel drained at the end. I blame it on the humidity; my lungs have a hard time with heavier air.

I must confess, I did feel old today. I came across some younger women. They had stopped on the trail to rest, so I passed them. Yet, soon after, they resumed their ride. Throughout the rest of my ride, they were close by- I couldn’t shake’em. Believe me I tried, but fatigue sank that effort. It seems as if these two young ladies, who were chatting along the path, were superior riders, and they made a game of keeping up with the middle-aged guy. They won that game.

Whatever the case, I think I’m a decent rider. When I see people pass me, and some make it look easy, I’m blown away. How the hell do they do it? I’d actually love to know.

Anyways, now I feel fatigued. It’s been a week since I’ve went out riding, and my muscles are telling me so. But on the flip side, tomorrow, I’ll have a full day to myself. I’ll relax and try a little physical exercise. Then, as I’ve been doing lately, I’ll write a page, or two, in my YA novel. Man, I just need an audience. I really think kids would love it. But, eh, I’ve been wrong before.

With that said, enjoy your day.

Safe Travels!



    1. That’s an excellent quote. I do admire Teddy Roosevelt, he was the quintessential man of his time…adventurer, soldier and sportsman. And it seems, at least in this day and age, everything is a competition. I think just doing something, for the sake of doing it, should be enough. Thanks for the great comment!

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