Today, it’s another hot day; so I rode my bike earlier than usual.  Speaking of bike rides, and thinking of the Reforestation Camp, being the park where I ride my bike, I’m going to tell you a story.  You’ll probably think I’m full of crap, or just plain crazy. 

Anyways, no matter what you think, I’m going to tell it – so…

It had started with a trail run.  When I had finished, panting heavily, I was thinking of finishing up with a bike ride.  The two-wheeler was waiting in my car, and I was mentally preparing myself for that adventure.  As I meandered up the final hill, gaining on the trail head, with my beleaguered head down towards the earth, I was in for quite a shock.

There, right on the ground, stopping me in mid-stride, was a sight that caused an audible exclamation…”Whoa!”  After I jumped backwards, questioning my skeptical eyes, I confirmed what seemed to be the impossible.

And you may doubt me; to tell the truth, I kind of doubt myself, but right in front of me, and I’ve watched plenty of nature shows, appeared to be a member of the cobra family…I’m not lying.

After surmising the snake in front of me, and realizing he seemed fairly docile, I calmly made my way around the dangerous looking creature.  He seemed content to let me pass.  I stayed 18 inches away, remembering the striking distance of that particular viper. 

After that, with the cobra’s body lying across the narrow, dirt path.  I decided my bike ride could wait until the next day.  Pretty crazy, huh.

I don’t know if it had been someone’s exotic pet, and they had decided to let it loose.  Maybe, as there is a zoo on the property, it escaped captivity.  Or maybe, just maybe, someone was playing a cruel joke, and it was a very convincing robotic snake.  If it’s the latter, this thing uncoiled, moved its head from side to side, and repeatedly unleashed its tongue.  And I did take a few moments to get a good look at it. 

Anyways, if you’re at the reforestation camp: beware.  Seeing how this creature was right at the trailhead, it could have been a tasteless ruse.  On the other hand, stranger things have happened.

Safe Travels!

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  1. Sounds like you made a good decision. And I don’t think you are crazy at all! Last year, at Gulf State Park, I saw a snake on the trail when we were bike riding. I went by it as fast as I could. We were on a part of the path named “Rattlesnake Ridge.” Later, in the nature center, I saw a rattlesnake, and it sure looked like what I saw. However, I think there is another snake which looks similar. In any case, I did not see it on our visit this year, and I am glad! Will you run there again?

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