It might be a little windy, but the clear skies, and comfortable temps, make it a gorgeous day…and I’m stuck at Walmart. Well, this morning I did ride my bike, so all’s not wasted.

I literally thought I was taking it easy, talking of my bike ride, yet, when all was said and done, the full seven miles took me under 55 minutes. That may not sound impressive; it’s a rather slow 7.5 mile pace, and the time includes easy double track portions- which allow you to increase your speed. However, and this is quite important, one must take terrain into account: like sand.

I don’t know why, and it’s never been explained to me, nevertheless, there’s a ton of sand on the trails. And trying to drive through it, especially if you don’t own a fat tire bike, is difficult. I used to gripe about it. Not anymore. Once you get used to it, it actually makes the trails just a tad more challenging – and the rides are better because of it.

Sometimes, during a downhill, one with a turn at the end of the descent, you’ll be thrown into a skid. Believe me, you feel like a bad ass rider when you pull yourself from it. You know what I mean, after the skid, you simply continue like it was nothing. I KNOW, I’m nearing fifty- and I’m hardly a bad ass, but every now and then it’s fun to picture myself as one.

Anyways, enough talk about myself. I think I’ll mention a bit about my folks. When I pulled into their drive, during this past Friday, I found them tending to their summer passion: their vegetable garden.

Mom wanted a small hobby, however, with my dad at her side, and his ‘go all out’ attitude, it’s bigger than she had planned…but it’s cool.

Plenty of vegetables are ripe for the picking.

And some are still ripening

Actually, that’s a raspberry.

Besides the garden, they did have a little excitement – and not in a good way. My parents own a wood stove; it resides in their barn. The barn, and this is only a guess, was probably built around the 1870’s – At least portions are about 150 years old. Well, somehow, the wood stove caused the roof to start on fire. Three fire departments arrived, and the barn was saved. That’s incredible, considering that old wood usually burns like paper.

So, now, the wood stove is no longer used for burning trash.

Anyways, that was the last couple of days; I have to say, they were fairly enjoyable. I hope those reading this enjoy their own upcoming moments. And for now…

Safe Travels!


    1. Thanks Betty! I’m glad the barn’s still standing too! I’m not belgian, but considering my parents live in Brussels, Wisconsin, a barn built by belgian settlers is worth saving. A windstorm tore a portion of it down this summer, it’d really stink if the entire building was razed.

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