I’m in the middle of a weird stretch right now.  That is, if I’m talking about my work schedule, it’s simply a bit unusual.

And last week, being the transition week,  provided a day on day off work schedule; that lasted through a six day period. 

And now, I work two days followed up with a day off.  Then, I work a day and turn around with another day off.  Pretty crazy, huh?  It’s hard to believe, during this lax stretch, that I had only used one  vacation day.

Don’t worry, somehow this schedule adds up to forty paid hours.  Plus, I’ll be working four days in a row in no time. Yet, it was great having this stretch.

But, with summer here, and I don’t mean to brag, or sound arrogant, but I do take full advantage of those months.  I simply stay active, and I love to do it.  So the days off provide plenty of opportunity for exercise.

I’m so used to working five days in a row, and getting Fridays and Saturdays off.  That has changed – for good.  Well, I don’t know if the alteration is good, but it’s not returning ever again. 

I’d never be a good fitness coach, but I do have a few bits of advice.  First of all, and I feel this goes with out saying, with this era of quick results expectations, so many people try workout programs.  You know what I mean, those weight loss, or weight training videos, ones that promise an entirely different body in three months.

At one point in my life, I weighed 195.  Today, I tip the scale at 140, and I probably have more muscle mass than the days when I was pushing 200.  Why bring this up, because it took a lot longer than three months, and I really shouldn’t be checking a scale anyways, on my way to 140. 

And after I had quit smoking, I tried an HIIT program.  It worked, to a point.  However, it was so much work, and I had to constantly find time to workout. So, staying true to the ninety-day program seemed a monumental task.  Needless to say, I lost interest.

Then, I had a few mental health issues, and the doctor had suggested getting exercise.  I gave it a go.  This time, I didn’t over exert myself, instead, I simply did what I liked. 

And after that lengthy spiel, I’ll get to my point, and I guarantee It’ll work for you.  It might take more than ninety days, but don’t worry about it; the results will come.  My advice?  Simple: do what you like. I do that practically every day.  I look decent, I usually have a healthier outlook on life and my heart has never been in better shape.

As for eating, diets are one of those things, especially when you throw in exercise, that you really have to learn.  Counting calories is good to a point, but you have to learn what calories will benefit you.  And on the flip side of that, you also have to learn which are garbage calories.  Not only will learning your body keep you trim, you’ll have more energy throughout the day.

No, I’m not going to start a fitness blog.  With health and wellness, everyone is unique, and, should you deem it necessary, you must find your own path to your goals. The easiest way to do that:  do what you love and don’t totally deprive yourself of your favorite foods.

Safe Travels!


  1. This is good advice. I am much older than you, but I work to stay active – walking, bike riding and now pickleball. I could stand to lose some weight. It’s hard because I like food. 🙂 I just had my annual checkup, and I was down 7 pounds. Not much, but I am happy with it as something like this is sustainable for me. Good post!

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    1. Thanks Betty. I think you hit the nail on the head; staying active is important. And losing seven pounds is pretty significant. It doesn’t have to come in bunches, and, if you have fun during your activities, your killing two birds with one stone – at least that’s how I see it.

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