I guess, I’m not sure what to think.  I’m not going to delve into details.  Yet, sometimes the world seems so garbled, and clarity is muddled behind cruel thespians, that reality is hard to decipher.  Or is it hard to accept?   Right now, I’m not sure.

I know this; I’ve had enough drama for now.  However, losing myself in the forest, or down a river, probably isn’t solving much.  Point is, I don’t know if there are any viable solutions.  When you just want to shout your frustrations, circumstances you have little control over, you wonder if your sanity is gone. 

Today, the solace I found was my family.  And really, right now, I should be the rock, not the other way around.  But damn, I’m just surrounded by too many issues, and they just keep piling up. 

And then I see my family, and I know there are triumphs in life. Some of my family members are simply walking examples of the good in humanity. And I ask myself, would it kill me to walk away from things I can’t change, and grasp hold of the competent? I’m at my wits end with garbage, and it’s like an electrical fire; the more water you throw at it, the more violent it becomes.

I know that’s a little strong; but I’ve had it with B.S. I know, that’s a stark contrast to yesterday’s blog, but emotions are like the wind: influenced by uncontrollable forces and varying in intensity. Anyways, I’ll just ride out the storm.

Safe Travels!


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