There’s time for work, there’s time for play, and, most importantly, there’s time for family. The latter, speaking of family, was what Saturday was, for the most part.

Actually, I did get to a baseball game that night. However, most of Saturday was spent with my mother, father, sister and the nieces and nephews.

As I write that, I guess a bit of clarity is in order, most of that time I worked with my dad.

I have to say, and I’ve always known this, farmers are some of the most innovative people on earth. I think this trait arrives by necessity. When something breaks down, or an obstacle presents itself, many farmers lack the money to dial a professional.

Yet, what they lack in capital, they compensate with resources. And in most farmers’ barns, fence lines and sheds are tons of materials, or machinery, that, if used creatively, can solve mostly any problem. Wisconsin dairy farmers have been doing it for over a century.

I think I’ve learned something from that. I’ll explain, but first I’ll tell you this. My literary interests come from my mother, although our reading tastes couldn’t be more different. My mother is a voracious reader.

My father, on the other hand, is where I get my creativity. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched him, and I worked by his side often, at least as a youth, and wondered how he figured out how to build, many times with bargain basement materials, the things he did. From dog kennels to irrigation systems, dad would come across wholly unique ways to get the job done.

Yesterday was a prime example of that. We worked on water lines for the garden. And of course, and it came totally expected, dad explained that some parts weren’t intended for the purpose he used them for. My father may be into DIY, but he would NEVER, and I don’t think I’ve stressed ‘never’ enough, purchase a DIY kit.

Dad’s into doing it efficient, effective and cheap. If there’s a way to alter a method, system or gadget, and use it for a purpose its creator probably never thought about, my dad will pull that off.

Now, I may not be that crafty. Yet, working by my dad’s side has always taught me this: There’s always a way to get the desired outcome; sometimes you simply haven’t seen it yet. Believe me, that belief has delivered me from some rough spots.

Anyways, have a great fourth of July.

Safe Travels!


  1. I love this post! Probably because I love creativity. To me, the best things can come out of the necessity to make do with what you have. Anybody can purchase something. Anybody can put together a DYI kit. But it’s that special talented person who can make what they need from their own wits. That impresses me more than anything one could buy! Happy 4th of July, too!

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    1. Yes, I remember arguments between my father and I, concerning why we did things the way we did. Now, looking through more mature eyes, Dad was right. Thanks for the comment!

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